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Change of name

May 9, 2010

Thanks to all the people who have sent messages of support following the election result. As around 2000 people voted for us – far more than have ever voted for us at  a local election before – it is obvious that we had the support of literally thousands of permanent residents in the ward.

We are not about to just walk away from them and we will keep this site up and running as a forum for anyone with a genuine interest in Surbiton Hill and a source of relevant information. We can’t, obviously, go on calling it by its present name, as we would not wish to claim an office we do not hold. But we would welcome suggestions for the new title from readers. The Surbiton Hill part will, of course, stay. The domain name will remain That name is registered to me personally and no-one else may use it, so people will not need to make any changes to their computers to carry on reading it or writing to it.

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