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Election result

May 8, 2010

Most readers will doubtless be aware that we lost Surbiton Hill to the Lib Dems at the election. You will also be aware of the kind of campaign they fought from reading my earlier entries. I hope that they will work as hard for the ward as their predecessors really did and they claim to have done during their years of invisibility.

This site will continue, though I will not be in a position to provide the daily information I have been used to providing. Nonetheless my sources will not entirely dry up. It may change its name slightly but I’ll take my time thinking about that. The domain name belongs to me and no-one else may use it, nor can I change it.

Nick, Mavis, Janet and I would like to thank all of you for the support so many of you have given us in the past. We all love Surbiton Hill and all the people in it with whom we have worked – in the case of Janet and myself – for 12 years. Our very best wishes to all of you and our thanks to those who voted for us.

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  1. May 8, 2010 10:13 pm

    Thanks Kevin. I don’t know much about the antecedents of the Lib Dem councillors. One stood in the ward in 2006 and garnered 795 votes. The other two I’d never heard of until abouta month or two ago. Two do live in Berrylands, so one of those might well be the person you describe. The third claims to have lived in Penners Gardens for years. He may well have done but he never crossed my radar in all that time, so his claims to have done anything for the ward are just baloney as usual.

    None of us does take this as a personal affront from the electorate. Certainly over 12 years I have got to know many people in the ward personally and count them among my most valued friends. Thursday’s result won’t change that one iota. I think that the voters who ‘rejected’ us hadn’t a clue who we were or what the local election was all about. Many will have left the Borough in 2 months never to return and most of the rest will have gone in two years time. I refer to students who expect Cleggy to get tuition fees abolished and grants restored – a completely unaffordable policy, as Cleggy said last year.

    I was sorry you didn’t reap the fair reward for your hard work in and for Yeovil. You and I have been around long enough to know that there’s not much gratitude in politics. What there is, among honest men, is friendship. That abides. I hope that the Lib Dems will learn soon to value truth and honesty as much as they value success and that one day I will be able to value their genuine friendship as much as I value yours.

  2. bridget permalink
    May 9, 2010 12:09 am

    You have identified the problems. I think students should only be able to vote in their home location, all these transient people couldn’t care less about local issues, unlike residents like us over 26 years in the ward. They were voting on general election policies.

  3. May 9, 2010 2:36 am

    I couldn’t agree more, Bridget. As long ago as the early 90s I could see this sort of thing coming and urged our local MPs, Tracey and Lamont, to get the Major government to do something about it – exactly along the lines you suggest. They didn’t share my concern and the rest is History – as are they. Of course the arrangement suits Labour and the Lib Dems very well. Time after time when canvassing students and talking about the Council Tax they made it perfectly clear to me that they couldn’t care less about it because they don’t pay it. What attracted them to the Lib Dems was that they’d been told they would abolish tuition fees and the loan system – even though Cleggy told last year’s LD conference that the commitment to do that was ‘unaffordable’. Of course, the Lib Dems didn’t tell them that bit!

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