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Application submitted for London Permit Scheme to help smooth traffic flow

August 7, 2009

The latest bulletin from TfL reports that coordinated street works and an end to unnecessary disruption on Capital’s streets should move a step closer.

When companies dig up our roads they must be mindful of the disruption they are causing and keep it to an absolute minimum. Users of Hook Road will cheer this proposal, as we seem to get one hole after another!

As part of the commitment by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to smooth traffic flow in the Capital, Transport for London (TfL)  submitted its application for a new London Permit Scheme to the Department for Transport on 28th July.

The permit scheme, which is also being submitted by 18 London boroughs, aims to regulate street works and would help to ensure that any company that wants to dig up London roads agrees to conditions and timing that limit the consequential disruption suffered by Londoners.

It would be nice if Lib Dem Kingston was one of the 18, but it isn’t. You may well ask ‘why not?’

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