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Free electric blanket testing

August 11, 2009
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electricblankettestingRBK Trading Standards says:

Faulty electrical equipment poses a potential risk of fire in all our homes.

For older residents, appliances such as electric blankets, which may be left switched on and unattended for long periods, pose a particular risk. In fact, any blanket that is more than 12 years old is likely to fail as it may not have the electrical protection features that more modern blankets have.

Kingston Council is again this year providing a day of free electric blanket checks for older people. Inspections carried out in Kingston in the last two years revealed that on average about one third (33%) of all blankets tested were classed as unsafe.

Whilst winter might seem a long time away, now is the time to dig out that electric blanket that you use every year and consider having it tested.  The checks will be carried out on Wednesday 16 September 2009 and priority will be given to older residents and those who have not had blankets tested before.

To arrange for your blanket to be tested, book an appointment by telephoning the Trading Standards Department on 020 8547 5518.

Photo is from Darlington Borough Council

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