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Budget Council tomorrow

February 27, 2007

At the Guildhall at 7.30 tomorrow evening (28th February) the Council will set the Budget for the coming financial year. A further rise in Council Tax of about 4.99% is expected from the Liberal Democrat Administration.

Kingston will, thus, still have the highest Council Tax in London. 

The suggestion is made in a recent ‘Focus’ leaflet that this is all the Government’s fault. It is certainly true that, since 1997, the Labour government has used Council Tax in places like Kingston as one of Gordon Brown’s ‘stealth taxes’. Our Lib Dem MP claims to be campaigning to get the Government to change its policy in this regard. Experience shows that there is no chance of that happening. To change the Government’s policy one will need to change the Government. We haven’t noticed much enthusiasm for a change of Government from his party since 1997.

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