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Help PM protect children on line

November 19, 2013

davidcameron2Dear Paul,

Back in July, I said I wanted to do more to protect our children online: a personal mission for me.

In the summer, we took some important steps to help parents. Internet service providers agreed to introduce family friendly filters, which are installed automatically in the home unless a parent chooses otherwise, and stop children from looking at inappropriate material online.

But when it came to stopping people accessing child abuse images and videos through internet searches, the search engine companies said that nothing could be done.

I refused to accept that.

Over the past few months we’ve worked closely with Google and Microsoft – and we’ve made important progress.

Today they have set out a number of measures to block child abuse images and videos. No illegal child abuse material will be returned for 100,000 search terms.

This is encouraging – but if the internet companies don’t continue to make progress I will not hesitate to take further action. We will do all that’s necessary to protect our children.

If you agree with my campaign to keep children safe online, please share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter.


David Cameron

PS This campaign really matters – please share this graphic with everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter.

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