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Greenway – up and running?

November 12, 2013

KT64875‘Traffic queued back on Ewell Road to Hollyfield School’; ‘drivers turning right from Iceland across the green centre strip’; ’lanes too narrow for cars to pass buses by Boots’; two accidents already’.. These are just a few of the complaints Paul Johnston has picked up from residents in the Tolworth area of the Ward. Additionally there are worries from disabled organisations that having the ‘pavement’ flush with the road surface at points is particularly dangerous for sight-impaired people whose guide dogs are trained to recognise kerbs. This deficiency does not seem to be corrected by the use of tactile paving such as is common at ordinary road crossings. Surbiton Conservatives have been worried about this from the start and Paul Johnston. Peter Kelk and Ronak Pandya supported Cllr Richard Hudson’s petition (picture inset) about it which fell on deaf Lib Dem ears.

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