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October 25, 2013

davidcameron2Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that we will roll back the green levies on energy bills and introduce a new competition test to make sure hardworking people get the help they need with their energy bills

We are committed to doing all we can to keep energy bills down to help hardworking people and families.

That is why we are legislating to force energy companies to put customers on their lowest tariffs. We have already increased competition by bringing new players into the energy market to offer consumers better choice, and this winter the most vulnerable will get direct help with their energy bills.

 But we want to go further. That is why we will look at rolling back the environmental levies which typically add £112 to people’s energy bills and will introduce a proper competition test to make sure that the energy market is competitive and offers a good deal for consumers.

This is real help for hardworking people that is deliverable and that will help to bring energy bills down.


Labour’s energy price con

Ed Miliband’s policy isn’t a freeze, it’s a con.

Within 12 hours Ed Miliband himself admitted that he would break his promise if wholesale prices rose. Energy companies would simply raise prices before and raise prices after the freeze to avoid it.

He also wants a decarbonisation target that would add £125 to every household’s bill.

And when Labour doubled gas bills in office and plans to put them up again – no one will believe Ed Miliband would deliver on his promise. It’s the same old Labour.

Labour’s real cost of living policy is more spending, more borrowing and more debt. That would mean higher taxes and higher mortgage rates for hardworking people.


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