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Woman hurt in Tolworth Broadway accident

October 23, 2013

See the Surrey Comet website (link in right hand column) for details of the latest news about the Broadway.

While we can’t definitely say that this accident was attributable to the current ‘Greenway’ project, concerns about safety aspects have been raised by us since the first suggestion of the scheme four years ago and local Alexandra ward Councillor Richard Hudson has raised a petition supported by hundreds of people on papre and on line to draw attention to possible hazards.

Please read the Comet article and also the concerns raised in another item about the possible impact on disabled people of the scheme.

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  1. Bridget permalink
    October 23, 2013 2:39 pm

    I attended the Scrutiny Panel and spoke but we were unable to convince the Liberals of our concerns and those raised in various reports. I hope no one gets killed but the latest accident said 2 cars collided to stop them going into a pedestrian crossing near the garage. The traffic lights (2 sets only) are too far away from each other so people will cross anywhere and hope the cars stop in time. Just wait until the bikes are charging down the greenway then watch people scatter. The whole project is a mess from the colour, to the trees, to the multi coloured paving stones and the absence of controlled crossings

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