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May 10, 2013

The team that really got results!

The team that really got results!

We note some reference a while back from the Lib Dem councillors in Surbiton Hill to the possibility of doing something (unspecified) about the crossings in Upper Brighton Road.

Paul Johnston says, ‘As one of the promoters of the scheme to place three pelican crossings in Upper Brighton Road and Kingsdowne Road at the approach to the five road junction I would be interested to see what further work is possible to the zebra crossing already in place lower down the hill.

I also wonder why, when it was agreed over three years ago that the zebra crossing near the Thornhill Road – Hook Road junction should also be converted into a pelican with traffic light control, nothing has happened whatsoever.’

The Lib Dems have all three seats, control the Neighbourhood and control the Council but they sit there, twiddling their thumbs and achieving precious little.


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