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February 26, 2013

from Alex Ritson, Vice-Chair of Surbiton Conservatives:-

A big thank you to everyone who signed Richard Hudson’s petition on council tax – and an even bigger thank you if you helped bring the issue to the attention of other people, who went on to sign.  We reached the crucial 500 signatures last night – with 24 hours to go.  As I write, the signature count is at 558 (check the latest at -and that doesn’t count the paper signatures that Richard has been collecting.  It’s an important day for two reasons.  Firstly, we can force Kingston Council’s Lib Dems to consider the pressure their selfish high-spending is putting on hard-up local families.  Secondly, it shows what we can achieve when Councillors, members and residents work together.

This is what Surbiton Conservatives are all about!

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