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Council backs Tory motion on planning reforms

October 19, 2012

At full Council on Tuesday 16th October the Conservative Group proposed that ‘This Council, wishing to safeguard the quality of the built environment in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, supports the Local Government Association in rejecting the Coalition Government’s claim that the planning system is stifling economic growth and opposes the Government’s proposals to significantly extend permitted development rights and allow the removal of affordable housing requirements from developers.’

The Motion was proposed by Cllr Howard Jones and seconded by Cllr Patrick Codd. This topic has held the gaze of news broadcasters for weeks across the country – Will local Council’s stand against the Coalition proposals on planning extensions? Across the floor, there was unanimous support for the rejection of the coalition proposals proposed by the Conservative Group and the defence of the local communities from the potential damage caused by such proposals within Kingston. Cllrs Jones, Codd, Finnerty, Cunningham and Humphrey all voiced their support of the motion and concerns should it be introduced into government policy. So far, no council across Britain has supported the proposals. The Motion was passed unanimously.

This may be of interest to various people in parts of Surbiton Hill who are suggesting that Councillors who are members of political parties vote at the behest of their national party leaders. They don’t!

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  1. bridget permalink
    October 22, 2012 12:07 pm

    well done, it is the right decision, we do not want uncontrolled development or a free for all, the current system protects everyone from unwanted excess, we might still be overturned by Bristol anyway

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