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The last word…….maybe!

September 26, 2011

This comment from our correspondent Bridget deserves a wider audience than Comments usually get. We respectfully dedicate it to our old friend Pinocchio:

I for one have been incensed at reading the lies in  Focus.
Why not state this?
We the LIBERALS on the council :
gave permission for a building of townscape merit to be demolished (contrary to policy)
gave permission for 43 trees to be destroyed, many with TPO’s (contrary to policy)
gave permission for a school to be built without enough amenity space (contrary to policy) so that it needs a rooftop play area
gave permission for a school which will only have 6 car parking spaces for teachers
gave permission for a “polyclinic” expecting 8 doctor’s surgeries to move into it before checking whether the doctor’s wanted to move
So when the traffic is at a standstill in the Oakhill area and the Ewell Road is gridlocked,

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