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Kingston Council to help residents save energy at home

December 1, 2010

from RBK website

Kingston Council is giving residents the opportunity to borrow an energy monitor for two weeks, free of charge, to help save energy and money on electricity bills.

Kingston residents can borrow the energy monitors from any library in the borough, and find out exactly how much household energy they are using – and how much money it costs.

One of the best ways to save money on your household budget is to stop wasting energy at home. Using an energy monitor is a great way to identify exactly where electricity is being wasted in any household, such as boiling a full kettle of water and only made one or two mugs of tea, or leaving lights on in empty rooms.

The energy monitor simply attaches to the main power lead in your home, and the wireless display provides continuous information about how much electricity is being used, so that users can adopt new energy saving habits to reduce their household consumption of electricity.

According to the manufacturer of the energy monitors, by adopting energy saving habits at home – users can expect to save up to 15% on annual household energy bills, which can amount to considerable savings over the course of a year.

The energy monitors are available from all of Kingston’s libraries across the borough. As long as you are a library member, you can borrow the monitor for free, for a period of two weeks.

For more information, visit your local library, or telephone the Customer Contact Centre, Telephone 020 8547 5000

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