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Borough united in condemning attack on Kingston Mosque

December 1, 2010


From the RBK website

Community leaders at Kingston MosqueCommunity leaders came together and spoke as one in condemning an attack on Kingston Mosque on Sunday 21 November.

Following an unofficial and unscheduled demonstration in Kingston town Centre on Sunday a small group of masked men tried to smash windows and damage the outside of Kingston Mosque whilst elderly members of the congregation were still inside.

Kingston’s Community leaders were quick to condemn the attack and issued the following statement to illustrate the strength of unity in the Royal Borough:

“We speak as one in our condemnation of this appalling assault on Kingston Mosque and congregation.

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is a strong and cohesive community that is proud to respect and embrace the richness of diversity that each faith group can bring to our borough.

Our continued success as a safe, successful and cohesive borough is based on the excellent relations that continue to exist between faith groups, voluntary organisations, the local authority, schools, colleges, the police and local businesses.

Because we are such a close community we consider an attack on any one section of our faith community to be an affront to us all. We consider this unprovoked attack on innocent worshippers to be a misjudged attempt to destabilise a solid and cohesive local community.

We will oppose as one any act that seeks to undermine the democratic basis of our proudly diverse community.”

The statement is signed by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Council Group Leaders and Faith Community Leaders in the Royal Borough.

Surbiton Hill Forum entirely endorses the statement.


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  1. June 13, 2011 7:42 pm

    This makes me somewhat upset. Im not pointing fingers at you though, I think it is everyone else out there that isnt taking notice.

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