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The really nasty party

April 30, 2010

I try to avoid getting too ‘political’ on this site but sometimes, especially at election time, one just can’t avoid it.

I have read all the election literature that has come my way. So far I’ve had it from my own party, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Ukip.

It’s fair to say that, of the four lots none has gone in for negative campaigning or knocking copy – except one!

The Conservatives have put forward positive ideas for the future of Kingston and Britain. I defy anyone to find a pejorative or non-factual reference to other parties in our literature. Labour hasn’t said much about anything, really. Ukip has confined itself to wanting to ‘kick ass’ in Westminster.

But every piece of Liberal Democrat literature without exception, whether local or national, has dripped sheer negativity and nastiness from end to end. Smears against Conservative candidates abound. Helen Whately ‘tried to undermine ED’s campaign to save Kingston Hospital’ (in spite of getting Cameron’s guarantee to close no services there) and ‘works for a privatiser of health services’ – whose work on the Surbiton Hospital site Davey welcomed a couple of years ago. Your local councillors ‘have failed to stand up to Labour over negative housing subsidy’ and neglected our council tenants, in spite of my 12 years elected by tenants as chair of Housing Consultative. If you’ve read their stuff you can fill in the rest for yourselves.

This sanctimonious humbug insults the intelligence of voters and reduces our public life to ignominy more insidiously and more effectively than all the moats and duck houses in the world. Their campaigning methods show the Liberal Democrats to be the REALLY nasty party in our country and Borough and, though it pains me to say so

if you vote Liberal Democrat – this is what you’re voting for.

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