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Canvassing in Oakhill

April 30, 2010

We managed to cover lots of the Oakhill area this evening, though we weren.t successful in finding a lot of people at home. The evening canvassing hours are traditionally between 6.30 and 8. However we always leave some literature to prove we’ve been to ask people in person for their support.

There was a time when canvassing by phone was all the rage and we have tried it once or twice. I don’t know about you, but I often feel very irritated when someone rings me in the middle of doing something with a ‘courtesy call’, to ask me how I am – and then tries to sell me something. So we tend not to do it very much.

We had some interesting discussions on issues like the NHS and the hospital site and holes in the roads. I must say we’ve had some success in getting urgent pothole repairs carried out after the devastating effects of the winter. However, I notice that most of the holes appear to have been ‘cold filled’, i.e filled with a dollop of tar which is then flattened but administered cold and the surface not sealed to bring the patch up to the same standard as a pristine road surface – known as ‘hot-boxing’.

This is dearer in the short term than cold fill but much more durable in the longer term. The last Conservative administration abandoned cold-fill for this reason, but in 2002 the Lib Dems brought it back. Oakhill Grove was recently so bad that we manged to get it completely resurfaced. The result I observed this evening was that some drivers now belt down there at a frightful speed. We will need to address that problem – if residents perceive it as such perhaps you’d let us know either directly or through OADRA.

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