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Latest smear from ED – shame!

April 25, 2010

Edward Davey’s latest smear against Conservative candidate Helen Whately (latest issue of the ‘Voice’) is that she works for ‘health privatisation (sic) experts McKinsey and Co. who, he says, ‘are being paid millions… recommend Hospital closures to NHS bureaucrats and Labour Ministers.’ This smear comes from the man who piously says that he ‘wants the whole community to work together’ on the Hospital issue.

I didn’t notice Mr. Davey making any complaints about the employment of the same firm as consultants on the future use of the Surbiton Hospital site. There was no talk about ‘privatisation experts’ when their report came up with the basic recommendation that the site should be developed as a polyclinic/ community hub. But, in my 20 years experience of them, the Liberal Democrats have never shown any concern either for accuracy or consistency in what they say.

  • Helen Whately and Zac Goldsmith have worked with Shadow Ministers to guarantee Kingston Hospital. David Cameron was there before Nick Clegg and was unequivocal in his support for the A&E and Maternity units.
  • The Conservative Group in RBK has consistently said that it will oppose tooth and nail any closures proposed by anyone – we even amended and supported a Lib Dem motion in full Council to create a unanimous front against cuts. And this ‘Voice’ is Mr. Davey’s response.
  • How can any of us work with him when all he does is try to smear us and the Health Service personnel who are alarmed by his tactics?
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