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Sunrise setting at last?

September 22, 2009

The marathon, three part Sunrise enquiry resumed at the Guildhall at 10 this morning. There was quite a good turn out from Southborough RA and two ward councillors spent part of the day there.

The Council had a good morning and the SRA put up a very professional performance cross questioning witnesses as well. One of the planning officers told me as I left that the hearings might be over tomorrow morning as the last witnesses were being heard this afternoon.

On everyone’s behalf I do hope so – and I hope the Council and SRA will carry the day. Certainly, there can be nothing but praise for the way SRA have gone about this issue – and it must be remembered that matters have taken about three years all told. So well done Suzie and Owen, Ken, Richard, David, Jeremy and Isobel and all the others. I hope your fellow residents really appreciate all you’ve done on their behalf!

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