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September 22, 2009

Another Focus leaflet has appeared in parts of Southborough. There’s not much in it that is relevant directly to any part of Surbiton Hill. Mostly it’s regurgitated stuff from other campaigns plus claims that these unseen people have been working with and for local residents for years.

They congratulate Owen Palmer on his civic award last year. He deserves to be congratulated but not to have his name used in an attempt to con the public into thinking that this ‘Focus Team’ had something to do with the award. They didn’t. The Chair of Southborough RA did and she was supported by the local Councillors, especially this writer.

Their claim to have been helpful in opposing Sunrise is all just flim-flam. Southborough residents know that their councillors have been there for them 24/7 throughout this whole process. Today Nick spent time at the enquiry and I spent most of the afternoon there, supporting the residents as always. And the Lib Dem Focus Team? Nowhere to be seen – as always!!

One thing they DON’T do is tell the residents about their wonderful new wheeze for a ‘Mansion Tax’, that could slap an extra bill for as much as £2500 on their houses – they who are already paying the highest Council Tax in London!

There is nothing wrong in aspiring to represent the people of Surbiton Hill. It’s a noble ambition and I have felt it a privilege to do so, alongside Janet for 12 years and Nick for 4.

One piece of advice I’ll give this ‘Team’: the electors of the ward are intelligent people and used to being well and truthfully served. Please don’t insult their intelligence with b******* of this sort.

Would residents please remember to recycle the paper.

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