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RBK advice: Registering to vote

September 5, 2008



From the RBK website:

Every household will have recently received their Register of Electors 2009 form.  All households must re-register to each year, even if the details the council hold are correct.

Telephone: 020 8547 5026

If there are no changes to the details on the registration form we sent you, you can re-register via the internet, telephone or SMS (text).

You will need to have your registration form with you when you use the internet, telephone or SMS services as you will need the security codes that are printed on your registration form.

However, if you need to make changes to the details on the form then you must complete and return the form in the pre-paid envelope enclosed with your registration from.

Full details are included in the information leaflet enclosed with your registration form.


If you have any queries about registering to vote, please:


It is very important that everyone should register. We shall certainly have elections to the European Parliament next June, and we could have a General Election too – who knows? (Yes, please!! Ed)


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