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Changes at Villiers Road from Monday

August 29, 2008

Mr. Rob Dickson, Service Director, tells us:-

On Monday 1 September, the new contractor and site management arrangements will be in place at the HRRC in Villiers Road.

The HRRC (beyond the height barrier) will be under the management of Environmental Waste Control Ltd. (EWC) to whom South London Waste Partnership have awarded the contract to manage all HRRCs within Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton. EWC will control entry to the site by managing the existing permit control on the gate and will work closely with residents visiting the HRRC to encourage greater recycling. They will also, over the coming months, increase the range of recyclates that can be taken there.

Although the existing road layouts and traffic flows will remain in place, minor changes will be introduced to where some items can be deposited. Compaction equipment will be introduced for some commodities and landfill waste which will allow for greater tonnages, by volume, to be transported away from the site. New access arrangements will be introduced for residents carrying household waste in high sided vehicles – they will still be allowed in and to deposit waste.

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