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The beech tree at the corner of Lovelace and Corkran Road

January 23, 2008

We have just received this information from the tree officer at RBK of the removal of the tree, which has caused distress to many local residents:-

The removal of the beech tree was undertaken by the owners of the property on the grounds of health and safety. The Council were notified towards the end of last year that the tree exhibited Giant Polypore (meripulus giganteus) at the base of the main stem. The significance of the fungus is that it is a root decay pathogen which renders the tree prone to windthrow even though the outward appearance of the tree such as the canopy and foliage remains normal. The presence of fruiting bodies also indicates that the fungus is established and well advanced. It is always regrettable when such a large and promamnt tree as this one has to be removed however it is clear that action had to be taken in order to remove the potential risk to the public. Under these circumstances the Council therefore raised no objection to its removal.”

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