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Herne Road to come back to Surbiton

October 17, 2007

The meeting on Tuesday morning between Cllr. Paul Johnston and the Co-chairs of Surbiton Neighbourhood, Cllrs. David Berry and Yogan Yoganathan with appropriate RBK officers resulted in agreement all round to put forward to the Neighbourhood a recommendation to ask the Executive to sanction the replacement of the word ‘Tolworth’ on the nameplates of Herne Road, Love Lane and Shrewsbury Close with ‘Surbiton’.

This had always been the case until ‘Tolworth’ appeared mysteriously last year. The 2006 change has been traced to a decision of the former Labour-controlled Tolworth Neighbourhood Committee in November 2001.

Thanks to the Co-chairs and officers for agreeing to our request that common sense be allowed to prevail. It will be necessary to get the agreement of South of the Borough as the Ward/Neighbourhood boundary runs down the middle of Herne Road.

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