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Parking in Kingsdowne Road

October 3, 2007

The following letter has been sent today to Kingsdowne Road residents. Users of kingsdowne Road may also be interested in the parking developments about to take place there.

Installation of road markings and signs – Temporary Restrictions

Please be advised that the Council will be implementing the extension of the Oak Hill Controlled Parking Zone.  These works will start on the 15th October 2007 and is expected to take one week to complete.  The Controlled Parking Zone is scheduled to become operational on Monday 22nd October 2007.

In order that the Council can carry out these works safely and with the minimum inconvenience to residents, it will be necessary to restrict on-street parking in Kingsdowne Road while these installation works are in progress.

Consequently, the Council has promoted a temporary traffic order, the effect of which will be to prohibit any vehicles from waiting and loading in this road, while the traffic signs and road markings are being installed.

Contravention of these temporary restrictions will result in a penalty charge being issued.

A facility also exists for any obstructing vehicles to be relocated to an unaffected part of the road, but this is something I wish to avoid wherever possible.

I would stress that these restrictions will only apply when traffic signs and “no parking” cones are displayed and will not affect every road at once.  The works will be carried out during Monday to Friday, between 8.00am and 5.30pm. The temporary restrictions will not apply overnight.

It is not possible to lay road markings in wet weather conditions and a return visit may be necessary should the weather disrupt these works.

A system of notice boards and leaflets (left on windscreens) will be used to inform motorists of the pending works and parking restrictions.

To ensure that smooth and rapid implementation occurs, I would ask for your kind assistance.  Would you please avoid parking your vehicle in Kingsdowne Road where the “no parking” cones or signs are displayed and comply with any reasonable requests from the Contractor to move your vehicle, should it be obstructing the works.

Please contact N. Ratnasingham at , should you require any further information only about the installation of the signs and road markings.

Further queries relating to the design, layout and operational aspects associated with the Controlled Parking Zone should be addressed to: –

Stephen Quiller
        Parking Schemes Manager
        Guildhall 2
        Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 1EU
Tel. No.        020 8547 5911
Fax No. 020 8547 5949

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