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See this link for the latest newsletter from Syed Kamall, our local MEP who lives in Surbiton.

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  1. Paul permalink
    July 25, 2008 9:10 pm

    What absolute scare mongering tosh.

    Food waste, paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, clothing, glass, old clothing, fabrics, batteries, and even old footwear WILL ALL BE COLLECTED WEEKLY.

    Anything else is collected fortnightly. In practice, this boils down to non-recyclabe plastic wrapping, envelopes and disposable nappies (if you have babies).

    I’ve lived under this new regime in Berrylands for over a year.
    I’m pleased to report that we’re very happy with it.

    It’s a great improvement on what went before –
    1. the new system is actually cleaner.
    The only smelly bin now is the smaller food waste caddy.
    Its much easier to wash this every week as opposed to trying to wash down your big bin.

    2. the amount recycled has rocketed. In my street, I’d say that the number of people recycling has increased by about a third, and the amounts recycled have doubled at least. Especially after cardboard was included.

    3. the increased recycling rates mean that we may escape getting clobbered by EU fines for not recycling enough. So not only is this good for the environmnet, it should keep council tax down as well.

    My neighbours are happy with the new regime.
    This is not just anecdotal evidence – the same findings were borne out in an independent professionally run opinion poll among Berrylands residents.

    That poll stands in stark contrast to the amateurish misleading loaded survey conducted by Surbiton Tories.

  2. July 27, 2008 9:52 am

    Thanks for the putting the Administration case. As you’ll see if you look around the blog, we’ve been at great pains to tell people exactly what is proposed, ever since March. And we have never opposed the weekly collection of all the things you mention, indeed we advocated it before the last election.

    I don’t take issue with your personal experience of the Berrylands trial, but there are other areas of housing, lots of them, not so blessed as to be able to store all these bins easily and especially not to be able to store a 180 litre general waste bin. There is plenty of such housing (I do NOT mean flats) in Surbiton Hill. There is even some in the parts of Berrylands specifically NOT selected for the ‘trial’. And there are smelly things other than food waste – such as disposable nappies – which will not be collected weekly, and storage of which for a fortnight will affect some of the young families in my ward considerably, and in Berrylands too I guess.
    Think about the Borough as a whole, before accusing conscientious councillors of ‘scaremongering’.

  3. Paul permalink
    August 1, 2008 12:06 pm

    Notable that you accuse me of putting “the Administration case”.
    Not so, I’m not connected to the council, or any political party.

    I just felt obliged to respond to the blatant scaremongering in your campaign.
    Most people would wrongly interpret your petition as meaning that they are to lose a weekly collection.
    Quite clearly, they aren’t.

    At best your survey fails to get this message across.
    At worst its downright misleading and dishonest.
    No wonder so many people were duped into signing it.
    ON this basis, I stand by my scaremongering accusation.

    To reiterate – the vast majority of rubbish will be collected weekly because it is recyclable.
    (Food waste, paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, clothing, glass, old clothing, fabrics, batteries, and even old footwear)

    Only the minority of rubbish will be collected fortnightly (non-recyclabe plastic wrapping, envelopes and disposable nappies).

    I agree that there wil be a few houses that have difficulty storing the small wheelie bins, two recycling boxes, and the cardboard sack. I would guess that these would be in the minority.

    From a public health perspective, I would have thought that a wheelie bin is much better than leaving black sacks at the side of the house, so the wheelie bin should be welcomed. Foxes and rats will be disappointed.

    As for having two weeks of nappies – my two kids were both in disposable nappies when the Berrylands scheme started, so I can speak firsthand of the experience.
    We had twice the amount of nappies that most people would have, but in all honesty, the smell wasn’t that bad.
    The wheelie bin lid did a good job at keeping the smell down.

    The only gripe with the nappies was that the supplied small wheelie bin couldn’t hold two kids’ nappies for a fortnight.
    After lobbying the council, they agreed, and agreed to supply the larger wheelie bin for those with multiple kids in nappies.
    Fair dues to them for being responsive to my concerns.

    I don’t doubt the selfless good works you councillors do for the borough, but attempting to advance your party by stoking unjustified fears doesn’t get my vote.

  4. August 2, 2008 9:19 am

    You just don’t get it, do you? The Berrylands ‘trial’ was unrepresentative of the Borough as a whole. It stuck only to those parts of Berrylands and Alexandra wards where success could be guaranteed. No flats, no houses in multiple occupation, no small terraced houses, no maisonettes. The Borough as a whole is full of these and many of the residents have concerns about the change which is to come which the Administration, with your evident support, have chosen largely to disregard as irrelevant. But when you have a small house with a bin store just big enough to take one 90 litre bin the question of where you’re going to put a 180 litre bin and the other containers is a real worry, especially when the larger bin is only going to be emptied once a fortnight. I do have many constituents in just this position.
    There really isn’t any point in telling me again what is to be collected weekly. I have already been at pains to point this out more than once myself and have consistently welcomed the improvements, for which I and every other Conservative candidate, campaigned in 2006. But we wanted all collections to be weekly everywhere. That is what we still want and that is what the petitioners want. We shall see how things turn out over the next year or so.
    Until we have some more concrete results to go on this increasingly circular correspondence is closed.

  5. Kath permalink
    August 17, 2008 9:35 pm

    This is the first time I have read the comments made by Paul of Berrylands but I feel very strongly about this problem. It will be a problem. His Im alright Jack attitude stinks as much as this so called improved waste scheme stinks. He is obviously young and fit and living in a house where he has lots of room to keep all the extra containers. Good for him but not everyone in the borough is the same. Lets think of others for a moment. Can you see any older person maybe not so agile and living in a flat with steep stairs carrying a 5 ltr bin of waste food down to an outside bin. Even with a small amount of food it could cause a fatal fall. And how oould they wash a 5 ltr bin in a small sink if they have no outside water available. What about the many starter homes in the area with little or no outside space, where do they keep all the bins??? On the whole I agree that we need to keep land fill waste to a minimum but at what cost to everyday life. I myself have a perfectly useable 120 ltr wheelie bin that I could use for two weeks, no problem but I will not be allowed to use it. Tell me thats not a waste of council tax and when I take it to the tip where will it and hundreds of others end up?? In a landfill I suspect totally defeating the object. I can just see it now, the whole borough will be awash with bins standing outside the front of properties which have no side access. Not very decorative. I wish I had seen the petition because I would have been glad to sign it and when your council tax goes up to cover this ill concieved plan you will wish you had too.

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