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Elections 2014 part 2

May 19, 2014

BallotBoxSome of us have voted already by post. Daphne and I have, in both the local election and the Euro.

As for the European election I had no difficulty at all in supporting the existing Conservative MEPs, all of whom are known to me and all of whom work astonishingly hard. Honestly I was rather more impressed by the literature they produced. They were one party to feature all of the candidates on the list, some of whom, like Dr. Sheila Lawlor, are very impressive and I would love to see them join the existing three.

Other parties only featured the existing MEP and the Lib Dems gave the distinct impression that, somehow, this election is all about Edward Davey (they do the same in the locals, by the way) though he isn’t himself standing.

I have never subscribed to the brickbats hurled at Ukip by the ‘centrist’ parties. But I can never support them. Despite apparently wanting ‘out of Europe’ their very existence as a political force in Britain depends on the fact that Blair adopted the PR List system of electing MEPs which is alien to ceturies-old British practice and was invented by the Belgian Baron d’Hondt.

One of their posters shows some British ‘workers’ sitting on a bus while paying for a bloated Eurocrat to swan around in a chauffeur-driven limo. Instead of the nameless limo passenger (might be a Ukip employee for all we know, like the ‘young lady from Devon’ on another poster!) they could just as easily and at least as truthfully have  showed Nigel Farage in the limo. He and his buddies are on the gravy train too and fighting tooth and nail to stay on it!

And, if they want to get out of Europe, why aren’t they supporting David Cameron’s bid to hold an in/out Referendum in 2017?

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