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Holiday changes to recycling days

December 23, 2013

boybin2.e59d3a32-2Over the holiday period this Christmas and New Year, waste and recycling collections will be up to two days later than usual. Usual collection days will resume from Monday 13 January.

There will be no collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day. Some collections will be made on Saturdays.

Please check the schedule:

 Usual collection day  Seasonal collection day
 Wednesday 25 December  Friday 27 December
 Thursday 26 December  Saturday 28 December
 Friday 27 December  Monday 30 December
 Monday 30 December  Tuesday 31 December
 Tuesday 31 December  Thursday 2 January
 Wednesday 1 January  Friday 3 January
 Thursday 2 January  Saturday 4 January
 Friday 3 January  Monday 6 January
 Monday 6 January  Tuesday 7 January
 Tuesday 7 January  Wednesday 8 January
 Wednesday 8 January  Thursday 9 January
 Thursday 9 January  Friday 10 January
 Friday 10 January  Saturday 11 January

Christmas trees


Real Christmas trees will be collected between Tuesday 7 January and Friday 17 January only. Please leave your trees out on the same day as your landfill waste collection day.

Alternatively, you can take your tree to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre at Villiers Road to be composted.

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