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Teething troubles – or incompetence?

September 11, 2013

Our new website is simple to navigate, fully accessible and makes transactions quicker and easier to do online.’

This was the message on Kingston Council’s new website this week – However the new website is ‘riddled with errors’ days after its £275,000 relaunch. Missing pages on the supposedly mobile friendly website flash upSorry but we cannot find the page you are looking for.’

Just not good enough – the  RBK website is the public face of the Council and our residents expect  and deserve better than this fiasco from the Lib Dem run Council.

Councillor Andrea Craig, Conservative Cllr for Canbury Ward told the Surrey Comet that Councillors should have been involved. ‘It is an improvement but….we were not happy that, as usual members were not consulted properly about it. There are spelling errors on it and there wasn’t a small focus group of residents to canvass their opinions and input before implementation.’

Last week’s Comet reported that Kingston Council had reached an out  of court settlement with a former employee who had claimed he was racially discriminated against. Criticism has been directed at the new Lib Dem Council Leader who said she did not know about the case or the subsequent settlement.  Kingston Conservative Leader Cllr Howard Jones said ‘I would certainly want to know  if somebody had left the employment of the council and was making allegations of racial discrimination against senior officers. I am surprised LizGreen didn’t know, and I shall be asking questions about that.’

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