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Needle exchange and methadone supply – Council debates petition

July 19, 2013

surbhealthcentreThis week’s full Council meeting was a resounding triumph for the Kingston Conservative Councillors.

Two petitions were submitted at the meeting. The first one to be debated was to ‘move the needle exchange from Surbiton Hospital shared site’,  showed the Lib Dems in total disarray. This petition has so far attracted 740 signatures.

The new leader, Cllr. Liz Green (Lib Dem. St. Mark’s Ward) could not defend the indefensible decision to allow a needle exchange and provision of methadone  to take place in close proximity to Lime Tree Primary School.  She was a strong advocate of siting the School on the same site as the Health Centre regardless of warnings of problems that might ensue. The contributions by two Surbiton Hill Lib Dems, Cllrs. Self and  Houston – a well-known Elmbridge resident, were met with well-deserved derision from the public gallery. This included many parents and also people who had come to address the other petition on the future of Cocks Crescent, New Malden. The third Lib Dem Councillor for Surbiton Hill was either absent or silent – possibly both – one couldn’t tell! No-one does absence or silence quite so well as John Ayles!

Conservative Councillors argued vigorously  with the key theme of their argument ‘Doing nothing is not an option.’ Councillors Julie Pickering, Craig, Karen George, Lynne Finnerty and Dennis Doe had the full support of all the residents present who cheered every time a Conservative spoke. The atmosphere in the public gallery was electric.

In resounding defeat the Lib Dems agreed to refer the issue to the Health Overview Panel, which is chaired by Cllr. Houston (you now know where he lives).  The meeting is on 18th September.

There is to be a full risk assessment at some stage, though we were told this wouldn’t be ready in time for the Panel meeting. Your Editor is amazed at this – surely there must have been a risk assessment undertaken before the decision to move the service to the Health Centre site was taken. If so, why isn’t that assessment available now?

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  1. Angela D'Ercole permalink
    September 20, 2013 11:58 am

    As a neighbouring resident and business owner the use of Surbiton Health Centre for drug & alcohol abuse was not revealed during consultation, unless by draping it under the canopy of well being services ! The well being of our children & the elderly is a priority here & the mixed use of the site has only lead me to believe that common sense has not prevailed.
    Drugs & alcohol abusers & children do simply not go together . My children are horrified by the resident group of alcoholics currently partying at the main Health Centre entrance most afternoons, I must point them out to Dr Phil Moore when he next retrieves his car from the Ewell Road. No parking allowed on site for staff you see !! which therefore means no parking for my customers, even though the health centre car park is invariably only half full. Probably because only half the promised health services are operating !!!

    BRAVO … RBK & Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group, you are sending a fantastic image to young children and it promotes your supposedly state of the art HEALTH CENTRE wonderfully. Keep up the good work.

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