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Pinocchio in Berrylands

February 18, 2013

pinocchioWith typical insouciance our friend Pinocchio the Lib Dem is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Berrylands voters.

In his latest effort he starts by inviting voters to sign up to a bogus petition to raise the basic personal Income Tax allowance. As this leaflet is specifically about the by-election, he might have mentioned that Kingston Council has zero role in determining anything to do with Income Tax. His friends on Kingston Council are, however, planning to raise Council Tax levels for us all for the first time in four years, despite a cut in the GLA precept from Boris.

Kingston Liberal Democrats have EVERYTHING to do with that – but they’re strangely unwilling to tell you! What the Lib Dems really want, of course, is your email address, so they can bombard you with more of Pinocchio’s products where people like your Editor can’t see.

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