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Ceiling really has fallen in

February 13, 2013

It appears that the plan to move one of the Berrylands polling stations from the Berrylands pub, where it’s been for years, to the Christian Centre in King Charles Road, at the extreme opposite end of the polling district, has hit a snag. From what I hear the ceiling has collapsed.

This being so, the polling station seems to have reverted to its former site at the Berrylands Hotel – closer than the Christian Centre to the largest concentration of housing in the polling district.

In case anyone doesn’t know the geography of the area, the Christian Centre is a hall in King Charles Road just south of the junction with Berrylands Road, just round the corner from the Lib Dem HQ.

We wondered why the station had been resited there in the first place, grouping all three polling stations in the ward very close together – almost surrounding the Alpha Road estate.

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