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Kept in the dark about new lights?

February 1, 2013

By Peter Kelk:

Surbiton street light replacement won’t save money or the environment.

The “Brighter, Cheaper future for Surbiton street lights” article on RBK website is misleading.

In answer to a question I asked the meeting was told:

The lamps will be more energy efficient individually but the plan is to put up a larger number of lamp posts  which will leave the overall power consumption about the same.

In Summary,

  •  No Saving on power/energy use.
  • More posts in the streets causing more clutter
  • More light emitted ( isn’t that  light pollution?)

All for a set of lamp posts that were only 20 years into an expected 35 year life!

The next request (I’m not joking it was discussed at the Surbiton Neighbourhood meeting) is going to be for new street furniture (bins and railings to the rest of us!) as the current ones are the wrong colour and won’t match the new street lights! 


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