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Questions unanswered – still

January 26, 2013

from Kingston Conservatives website:

A BBC investigation has revealed that children in Kingston are being let down by the Lib Dem run Council. In a disturbing report it emerges that the Council failed to act when they were informed by Police of concerns about the behaviour of a man in Norbiton. Days later that man murdered his partner in front of their young child and was imprisoned for murder in December.

The Council covered up their disgraceful behaviour by amending records to give the appearance that they had done nothing wrong.

In 2012 Kingston Council failed an inspection on how they care for our children and they sacked their head of Children’s Services but paid him off the day before the Report was published with a year’s salary of £128,000 – all authorised by the Lib Dems. Local people are asking why he was paid anything when he was sacked but also why he was earning this much in the first place?

Leader of the Conservative opposition group in the Royal Borough of Kingston, Howard Jones said “Reading this story is really upsetting. It is not only the loss of a life but a young child exposed to such horrors, all because of a Council that lacks real political leadership and fails to make things happen. It has taken them nearly four years to implement a simple reorganisation of the Council’s admin and now they are starting a reorganisation of how they protect children. I worry that Kingston children are not being adequately protected from horrors such as this sad story.

The full BBC report can be seen at

It seems that neither the Leader of the Council nor the Lead Member for Children’s Services were available for comment when the BBC tried to get a reaction from them.

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