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Lib Dems bring back Council Tax rises!

January 25, 2013

ist2_103375_money_down_the_drainKingston Council has ignored the Government and will raise Council Tax by 1.99% this February – just short of the 2% increase which requires a borough-wide referendum.

The Conservative group believe that the rise is unacceptable – most councils in Britain are freezing Council Tax and Kingston already has the highest Council Tax in the smallest Borough of London, loading a greater burden onto the people of Kingston.

This increase is a mockery of the Government and the local residents with the 0.01% drop below the need for a referendum.

According to the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for London, Local Government and Planning Brandon Lewis – There is “no excuse not to” freeze Council Tax this year.

Kingston Conservative Group defends the Government recommendation of a 0% rise in Council Tax and argues for the need to make tough decisions to find savings within the current system.

Leader of the Kingston Conservatives, Councillor Howard Jones said “We have to expect this from a Leader of the Council who boasts he came into politics to spend public money, not save it.

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