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Newent House to close?

January 17, 2013

I can’t do better than share with you the words of a local resident who has written to me and to Nick Kilby:-

Have you heard that after everything that the Libs said about the Conservatives wanting to close Newent House they are doing just that in April.

This will mean local people will have to travel, possibly to New Malden, for care,visiting and other services. We need a day care centre at least in the locality and a bath service which was available at Newent House. My brother in law who is house bound and unable to get into a bath was a user of the bath service. Once a week he gets a bath which we all take for granted as a basic human right.

The site at Newent House was one place the then Conservative councillors for Surbiton Hill wanted investigated as a location for the school now being built on the hospital site on the other side of Ewell Road. We would still like to know whether the new Health Centre on the same site will provide the facilities now to be withdrawn at Newent House.

A Lib Dem supporter from Berrylands wrote to this site suggesting closure and sale of both the Newent House site and the hospital site in December 2006.

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