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Questions unanswered

January 4, 2013

Some questions have been aired more than once lately in the letters column of the ‘Surrey Comet’ which deserve an answer, which has not yet been forthcoming.

Most prominent of these has been the enquiry, made again today by Daniel Goodger, as to why RBK’s Lib Dem administration made a payment of £128,000 to its Director of Children’s Services just ahead of the publication of a damning Ofsted report which compared the running of the service to Hackney of Baby P fame. As far as we are aware, the Lead Member responsible for the service is still in post and drawing the enhanced Councillor’s Allowance attached to it.

Another question, this time from ‘The Voice’,  which excites our attention and research is just how justified is the claim by our Ed Davey to have ‘saved’ Sunshine Ward at Kingston Hospital. Our research suggests that this claim is possibly as much Moonshine as Sunshine, like the famous one about A&E and Maternity. More on this anon, no doubt.

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