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OADRA meeting last night

June 19, 2012

Paul and Mavis with OADRA members presenting the petition that brought the Hospital site plans to the Scrutiny Panel. 

Having, with Mavis and Nick  helped Oakhill And District RA get started in 2010, I attended last night’s meeting to find out what was being said. I made one or two contributions of my own. I could hardly do otherwise, having sat through lengthy speeches by ‘Independent’ councillors from Epsom and Ewell and Elmbridge denigrating all  councillors with a party label attached to them, myself, Nick, Janet and Jane included I suppose.

None of the Lib Dem councillors for the ward was present. If they knew about the meeting and/or had been invited, their absence was to be deplored. But it has been their cavalier attitude towards the residents of Oakhill which has created the feeling which prompted the meeting last night. That, and the fact that the Chair of OADRA is, I believe, ideologically committed to the idea that RA councillors are a good thing that everyone ought to have.

I may comment further in time to come. For now I will confine myself to pledging to OADRA and the residents of Oakhill generally all the support I can continue to give them as I did over the hospital site both before the last election and after it – as most leading OADRA members well know.

Needless to say, this pledge of support applies to all the RAs and individual residents I worked with and for in my 12 years as the ward’s councillor and am still working with today.

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