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Better late than never – but why the delay?

February 24, 2012

This week’s Comet has news that Kingston Council has done a u-turn and beefed up its powers to veto roadworks likely to cause traffic misery.

For reasons best known to them alone, our local Lib Dems have ensured that Kingston is one of the last in Greater London to accept powers from Mayor Boris Johnson to force utility companies to get permission before digging up the roads.

The Liberal Democrat council refused to join the scheme, which allowed it to block road works that fail to minimise traffic disruption in 2010 because it was “not sure of its benefits”.

Conservative spokesman for transport Cllr David Cunningham said ‘I have just come back from Kings Road and have been held up in a traffic jam in something that does seem that, if it was better organised, there would not have been the same problems.’

Boris Johnson’s proposals will allow the council to charge companies heavy penalties for carrying out works in key locations during busy times.

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