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Freeze Council Tax again!

January 25, 2012

Today, Mayor Boris Johnson makes his case to the London Assembly to freeze council tax for the fourth year in a row.

A council tax freeze benefits every London household during these tough times.

But Ken Livingstone’s hand picked Deputy Mayoral running mate in the Assembly is leading the Labour charge against the freeze, instead promoting an increase in council tax.

It confirms that Ken Livingstone would take us back to the days when council tax went up every single year.

During these tough times, Londoners cannot afford a council tax increase on top of their household bills. It is a tax that everyone pays, so every household will suffer if Labour go back to council tax rises year after year.

That is why the Mayor needs your help to keep council tax frozen. Please visit  now to urge your local Assembly member t o support the budget and help save Londoners money.

This election is a choice between Boris Johnson, who will keep council tax low and Ken Livingstone who will put taxes up.



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