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Tolworth Broadway to become a Greenway

November 25, 2011

from RBK website:

Project gets the go ahead and exhibition dates are announced

Tolworth Broadway is set for an exciting new look and feel that puts pedestrians and shoppers at its centre. Particular attention is being paid to improving Tolworth Broadway as a high street and to balancing the priority between pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicular traffic by creating a more inviting and friendly environment and reducing traffic speeds.

Kingston Council in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) is in the process of finalising detailed plans for the transformation of the area. The “Greenway” project, part of the Mayor’s Great Outdoors initiative, will deliver extensive public space improvements and address the key issues identified through previous consultation with the local community over the last few years. The project aims to revitalise the Broadway to become a thriving place for people to enjoy and use, safely and securely.

After two years of planning and consultation with residents and local groups, Transport for London (TfL) has pledged £1.6 million to build the scheme, with an additional £1 million coming from Kingston Council.  ‘Tolworth Times’ newsletters have been distributed to residents and businesses in the wider Tolworth area to inform and update them about the scheme.  These can be seen at the bottom of this page.

The Greenway scheme will stretch along Tolworth Broadway from the junction with Ewell Road, across the A3 roundabout to Kingston Road, outside the Charrington Bowl.

A series of exhibitions are being held where people will be able to see more details about the scheme:

7 to 25 November:   Hook Centre & Tolworth Library

15 November:           Hook Centre staffed exhibition, 3.00pm to 7.30pm

17 November:           Tolworth Recreation Centre staffed exhibition, 3.00pm to 7.30pm

22 November:           Tolworth Library staffed exhibition, 3.00pm to 7.30pm

26 November:           Super Subway Saturday, 10.00am to 1.00pm

15 December:           Shared Neighbourhood Committee, Dysart School, Ewell Road 7.00pm

Tolworth Greenway

The main aims of the scheme are to:

•Strengthen the vitality of the Broadway so that it becomes a place people want to use and spend time in

•Reduce the barriers to walking and cycling and improve road safety through a reduction in general traffic speeds to 20mph along the Broadway

•Improve access to Tolworth Station and Tolworth Broadway

•Improve the general environment and feeling of  safety

•Enhance the public space and improve links to community facilities such as schools, green spaces, shops and recreational opportunities

The plan is to remove the central barriers along Tolworth Broadway to allow pedestrians to cross the road at any point they choose. Formal pedestrian crossing points, both signalled and unsignalled, will be provided for those who wish to use them.

The central island (the ‘Greenway’) will be widened, have a low kerb and a vibrant resin bound gravel surface that will enable all users to travel safely from Ewell Road and Kingston Road.  The Royal National Institute of Blind People, various interest groups, and the police have advised on the design to make sure it is suitable for everyone. The existing traffic signals at Tolworth Roundabout will be adjusted to allow the road to be crossed by pedestrians and cyclists so bypassing the subways which many people said they found intimidating.

The footways outside the shops on Tolworth Broadway will also be re-laid using concrete blocks to form a forecourt effect.

New paths will be provided within the roundabout to link the new crossing points with the existing pedestrian bridge over the A3. The bridge will be modified to allow cyclists to safely ride across it. A new signal controlled crossing will be provided in Kingston Road to allow access to both the Charrington Bowl and the Sunray Estate sides of the road.

The plans will be presented for approval to a special meeting of the Surbiton and South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committees on Thursday 15 December at Dysart School, Ewell Road, Tolworth. This is a public meeting and everyone is welcome to attend.

It is anticipated that the work will start in April 2012, following a tender process to appoint a Contractor. The aim is to complete the works before the start of the London Olympics in the summer.

Discussions will be held with residents and retailers to try to minimise the disruption during the construction period.

More detail about the Project

Further aspects of the Project include:

Speed Limits – The speed limit on Tolworth Broadway will be reduced to 20 mph, making it safer for pedestrians when crossing at any point;

Trees – there will be a number of additional trees planted both in the footway in front of the shops and on the central island;

Seating – extra benches will be provided in front of the shops. There will be no seating on the central island;

Cycles – The scheme provides a safe route for cyclist to cross the A3. Cyclists will also be able to use the central island and the roadway as at present. The aim is to encourage more shoppers and commuters to cycle, reduce car journeys and lower emissions;

Street lighting – new lamp columns will be installed to increase the levels of lighting in the Broadway and the centre of the roundabout. Extra lights will be installed to make sure the footways in front of shops are well lit;

Deliveries – loading bays will be provided on both sides of Tolworth Broadway;

Pedestrian Crossings – controlled crossing (with a green man) will be installed at either end of Tolworth Broadway with 3 uncontrolled crossing (no green man) in between;

Pedestrian Subways – The existing subways will still be available to use;

On-street Parking – The number of on-street parking spaces will not change;

Buses – Bus services will remain the same.

Aerial shot of proposed developments to Tolworth rounabout and Broadway

Further Information

If you have any questions about the Tolworth Project please contact us by email:

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  1. Bridget permalink
    November 27, 2011 1:09 pm

    Will it work, 20mph on a road already at stand still during the rush hours or when there is an accident on the A3. I am not convinced re safety issues. However now that the council are paying 1million plus TFL payments, Tesco on the A3 corner will not have to pay much for changing the road system. Their new plans will be out soon now that they have been told that they do not need to complete a EIA. I cannot understand that decison seeing as the A3 and the Ewell Rd have high levels of pollution and a high incident of people with COPD!no doubt. I am not looking forward to living on the Ewell Road during the next year due to development on :
    Tolworth Greenway
    Red Lion & Ellerton Road developments
    The hospital site
    I just wish someone somewhere would look at the whole system and what is will do to this area

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