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Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee 19th October

October 14, 2011

From Bridget:

I can see that most of the next meeting will be taken up with parking issues on the Ewell Road

Agenda item “Parking Issues east of Ewell Road….”

“Consultation ‘……… identify measure to address the existing parking pressures on these roads which could intensify with the development of a new healthcare centre and primary school at the Surbiton hospital site……”

I am so mad, we had to sit and listen to such lies at the DC, there won’t be a parking problem etc etc. when they approved this development when anyone with half a brain cell knows there will be!

The other agenda item is the moving of the bus stop  – why, it was never a problem before and is close to the entrance

I might attend on Wednesday if anyone can speak

So might I, if only to see how the ward’s outstanding councillors cope with this one!

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  1. October 14, 2011 4:43 pm

    As I said on Facebook but I thought it was worth commenting here too:

    Sweet Lord!!! This is outrageous! The only reason they managed to get that development through was by blatantly lying about the impact to the local community. Any fool can predict that it will cause carnage every morning to both Ewell Road and Oakhill! I am stunned, truly stunned.

    I tried to drive along Ewell Road this morning at 8am, it took me five minutes to get out of Princes Avenue, the traffic was appalling. Once the school is open there will be no open route from the A3 to Kingston, the knock on effects will be very serious.

    Moving the bus stop is another quick in the teeth of the sick and elderly – the only groups who won’t be driving to the site and will now have to walk further to the Doctor’s! Remind me again, the Lib Dem’s claimed to care for the elderly during the byelection didn’t they?

  2. bridget permalink
    October 17, 2011 4:24 pm

    Well said Rob. I live on the Ewell Road so apart from the hospital site we also have to contend with the future Tesco development at the former Government buildings Toby Jug (on again now) the CNM Red Lion development (well it might start this year) the CNM Ellerton Road car pound development (it might start this year) and finally the Police Station development (given planning permission to people who are yet to purchase the site) as they are ALL on the Ewell Road. Just wait for the lorries and then the utility companies digging up the pavements and roads to add electricity, gas, water and then the cable companies and BT to connect all those extra users. Gridlock, I think I mentioned at previous planning meetings. However as each development is looked at on it’s owm merits it is about time someone in Planning or Transport for London looked at “collective development impact on main roads” just like Kingston has done for alcohol. At least the petitions helped there.

  3. bridget permalink
    October 17, 2011 4:26 pm

    Oh and I forget to say, when all that is done and the Victorian sewers collapse nobody will be travelling anywhere

  4. MISS A CADE permalink
    October 20, 2011 2:37 am

    The whole of the Surbiton Hospital developement has been ill conceived from day one. But I can assure you that the most affected will be us at 90/92 Ewell Road, most especially after tonight’s decision to relocate the bus stop outside our business and home.

    Such assurances that local business would not be affected, were PURE BALONEY.

    Our land should have been made a compulsory purchase order to facilitate the road transport plans proposed and ease congestion around the site.

    So we all know the truth, patients have to walk much further from the bus stop at Kingston Hospital , but heh ho , I really look forward to severe pavement congestion and bus users with their feet propped against our walls and using our canopies as a bus shelter.

    I will be out there with buckets of watery bleach and a very large broom.

    Once again a really huge Bravo to the Surbiton Hill Lib Dems … you were seen to be doing the right thing by pleasing the majority. But your promises about the relocation of the bus stop SK are like overcooked PIE CRUST !!!!


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