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September 21, 2011

from Cllr. Andrea Craig (Canbury Ward)

Last Friday was the ‘seven hour’ licensing hearing for the Old Gala Bingo Hall site “Kingston Arena”. We will know the outcome later this week and whoever loses will appeal through the courts. That very evening, an appalling attack occurred on the corner of Richmond Road and Canbury Park Road involving multiple youths who had left Oceana’s nightclub and a larger group followed 3 men and a fight broke out. The attack  left one of the victims with serious head injuries and a broken jaw.

Our police force are being seriously stretched each weekend in the town centre and on that evening the officers who attended the scene were from Wimbledon and had been drafted in to help support the Kingston police officers.

I have been campaigning hard, alongside local residents, with the full backing of the police force here in Kingston for a Cumulative Impact Policy to be put in place in the town centre. The policy would strengthen the council’s licensing policies, which currently are not nearly robust enough. In Canbury, Tudor and several other wards we feel the direct effects of this lack of policy, with antisocial behaviour and violence spilling onto the streets after the night clubs shut, vandalism to vehicles but also many people tell me they don’t go out in Kingston late at night any more as it has become so unpleasant to do so. Even local students are saying that enough is enough.

This policy will give the council the ability to refuse a license application on the basis of its cumulative effect on the area rather than the four licensing objectives that currently are considered.

Please, please sign the residents petition below and forward this on to your family and friends in the area so we see a positive reduction in the Crime and Disorder in the town centre and to help protect ourselves, our friends and families and also other visitors to the town centre.

This incident didn’t happen in Surbiton, however it could. So please support this initiative.

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  1. bridget permalink
    September 23, 2011 9:41 pm

    Kingston has decided to refuse a licence to the Gala , great news and thank goodness they listened to residents, police etc who said it should not be granted

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