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And so to vote…….

September 14, 2011

The last night of campaigning saw a further impressive turnout of Tories delivering Nick’s final letter to voters. There was also a good turn out of Labour canvassers, somewhat to the all-too-evident alarm of the few Lib Dems to be seen.

Mr. Davey published a final letter on behalf of the beleaguered Mr. Ayles. At least I think it was final – he’s been churning them out so frequently in the last few days that I confidently expect another one on Saturday!

Mr. Davey is really not doing his own credibility much good. To describe the Lib Dem councillors as effective when one has moved out of the Borough less than 12 months after election and another has resigned 15 months after asking the voters to elect him for a 4 year term is stretching credulity a little far. Their claims on achievements are laughable to all who know the truth.

  • What had the change of developer on Langley Avenue from Sunrise to the Royal Star and Garter Home to do with them? Nothing!
  • The new windows at School Lane were negotiated by Nick and myself two years ago.  The details are archived in this blog. The programme needed following through, which our successors failed to do. I took the matter up again with Housing. And the spiral fire escape had been out of commission for months before they did anything about it.
  • The claim to have saved the hospital site from Conservative plans to sell it off for housing is a story that only a complete stranger to the truth – or to the history of the site – could have made up.

And the suggestion that Mr. Ayles has been a local campaigner for 25 years – without telling us of one single campaign in which he has taken part – apart from telling us that he has lived locally, married a doctor and had four children, none of which constitutes ‘local campaigning’ – is a misrepresentation of the man. Such a ‘keen campaigner’ would have sought election last year or earlier, wouldn’t he?

So please, tomorrow, vote for Nick to restore some guts and honesty to the politics of the ward all three of us love.

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