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Let’s get positive!

September 10, 2011

What’s this by-election all about? At the end of the day it’s about all the people of Surbiton Hill getting the honest, dedicated representation they need and deserve.

Nick Kilby has set out clearly and truthfully his record (our record) of working with local residents over a number of years, contributing whatever we could to all the various communities that go to make up Surbiton Hill Ward. This commitment didn’t stop with the election of 2010. We carried on with it and are still doing so.

Nick stands for honesty in politics. We have always believed in decent, respectful behaviour towards all residents whether they vote for us or not and in telling the truth. We sincerely wish our Lib Dem opponents would take the same approach. Sadly they don’t and the latest Focus, containing the fresh lie that we wanted to sell off the hospital site for housing, shows that they intend to carry on with the negative tone they have adopted throughout this campaign.

Behaviour of this sort undermines democracy and should not be tolerated. They have given us no choice but to defend ourselves from it as best we can.

Let’s get positive this week. The only sure way to defeat the negatives is to vote for Nick on Thursday – or earlier if you have a postal vote!


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