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Last night at Neighbourhood

September 8, 2011

A connoisseur of Neighbourhood meetings writes to me this morning:-

What a tedious lacklustre meeting it was!

The chairman wasn’t exactly dynamic and none of the usual sparkling councillors were ‘sparkling.’

It all seemed a bit tired and waffly and just went on and on and on.

Again our local councillors had little to say – well little of any importance.

They just seemed to speak at times as though they felt they had to remind the public they were there.

And we had the usual ‘apology’ from Mr Self of lack of experience on these matters.

I left at 21:45 and they were only on the third item then!


If  Mr. Self is still ‘inexperienced in these matters’ he could always move over and make way for someone else who isn’t!

Let’s hope that next time some of the old sparkle will have returned!

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