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Same old formula: Out of Focus 4

August 15, 2011


The Lib Dems never vary their approach, do they?

For at least 25 years they have been hailing us with the same old nonsense headline every election, when introducing their candidate, about ‘local campaigner chosen’.

Their candidate in the Surbiton Hill Bye-election is certainly local. He has occupied a house locally for, he says, 25 years. And who am I to doubt the veracity of that statement. But ‘Campaigner’?

He may have a paid a membership fee for Southborough Residents Association but that seems to have been the extent of his local campaigning to date. Having been intimately involved with every phase of the biggest campaign in that part of the ward in recent years – the Sunrise Home question – I got to know all the real local campaigners very well. And he wasn’t one of them! Nor was his name even mentioned
 in any discussion to which I was party. I do not recall him giving evidence, as a ‘local campaigner’ to any of the public enquiries on the matter. For the record, I did, twice, and was cross examined by the appellant’s counsel the second time.

If I cast my mind back 10 years, I don’t recall him being active in the highly local matter (to him, I should have thought) of the parking issues in central Surbiton, even as they affected Southborough. He was, apparently,  there in Corkran Road at the time, so why no campaigning then?

As I have said before, the Lib Dems are having a laugh at your expense.

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