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Change of domain name

August 11, 2011

Please note that, following an unexpected message  from the Guildhall, I have been put to the expense of buying a new domain name to which to attach this blog.

Fifteen months after the last election it seems that someone has complained to ‘the powers that be’ that our old domain name (, extant since February 2009, has the letters ”cllr’ in it and that ‘this might mislead people’. Anyone who has been misled is asked to let me know via the comments facility. I promise to publish their comments, subject to the usual concerns over taste, libel etc.

Of course I don’t know who the complainant is, but, as the Lib Dems announced a bye-election in the ward only days ago, I can hazard a pretty good guess. None of them has ever written to or spoken to me about it in 15 months, and I don’t believe for a moment that they were unaware of this site’s existence!

The new domain name is, which I would ask  regular readers to enter in their address books.

Meanwhile readers are advised that I still own the old domain name and no-one else has my permission to use it. And, of course, should the result of the bye-election not be to the Lib Dems’ liking, no-one will have the ghost of a legitimate whinge if the letters ‘cllr’ come back.

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