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Out of Focus 1

August 9, 2011

Doubtless as a prelude to the bye-election campaign the Lib Dems have been putting a ‘Focus’ leaflet around the ward. If you haven’t got it yet it’s probably because thay haven’t got the support to get it round in a rush.

One interesting feature is that, although only delivered last week, it doesn’t mention the coming bye-election or even hint at the name of the candidate. Yet they must have known about this for some time and they do have a candidate already selected. Apparently he lives in Southborough, but I don’t know him in spite of my long and intimate association with Southborough Residents’ Association. I also find it strange that he didn’t put himself forward for election 15 months ago, if he was really interested in the welfare of Surbiton Hill residents. Another unknown Lib Dem!

It’s also amazing that that they claim to have delivered a ‘budget tax break’.

Thanks to them we still pay the highest Council Tax in London in spite of the fact that

  1. The Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, has frozen the GLA Precept on Kingston’s Council Tax for four years running and
  2. The Coalition Government (Conservatives 307 MPs; Lib Dems 57) would not sanction any increase in Council Tax this year.

So their role in matters has been minimal – yet they claim to do it all!

Same old Lib Dems! – same old twaddle!!

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