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Ken Peay retiring from SRA

May 3, 2011

Photo from Surrey Comet.

Nick and I were very sad not to be able to pay our tribute to Ken at the Southborough RA AGM.

In my case I had worked with him via that Committee for 12 years and I briefly worked with him on the Committee of the Kingston Society as well.

During all  that time I was always impressed by his gentle humour and the vast knowledge he brought to bear on all the issues he dealt with. His local concerns ranged widely from the filter beds on Portsmouth Road, to the prevention of Southborough being turned into a commuter car park – and saving the residents from having to pay for parking permits into the bargain! On this and on other issues he looked for and received the support of the three ward councillors. We never knew whether he voted for us or not – we never asked questions like that! The point was that his opinion was always well grounded in fact and in planning law and sensible people listened attentively when he spoke. He is the only person I ever knew to get the Planning Inspectorate to agree that he was right and they were wrong.

Some years ago he and I went to look at the exhibition mounted by Sunrise for their proposed 70-odd bedroom development at the Langley Avenue/Upper Brighton Road junction. That was the start of the long campaign – mostly successful – to prevent anything so huge from looming over that area of Surbiton.

It was a privilege to work with Ken. Southborough will miss him, though I shall be surprised indeed if it has heard the last of one of the greatest servants it has ever had.

There’s a good article on Ken Peay in the Comet. Click on the link to read it.

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